2022 Ride Report

Thunderstorms forecast for Saturday, May 7 caused the rescheduling of the third annual NoSoX - NC to Sunday, May 8. The new date avioded the storms and gave us temperatures in the upper 40s at the start with overcast skies and a brisk north wind. Conditions hardly changed during the day, with temperatures rising only to the mid 50s and a steady tailwind pushing the riders along.

The 14 participants left Milton a few minutes after 7:00am and quickly seperated into faster and slower groups. The fast group hummed along at over 22 mph, while the slow group averaged over 19 mph. Thanks to the tailwind the early hills through Yanceyville seemed easy and everyone arrived in Saxapahaw ahead of the most optomistic schedule.

The fast group continued to push the pace and keep their rest stops relatively short throughout the day, arriving in Gibson shortly after 4:00pm. The slower group realized that they were making great time and took advantage of this to take longer rest stops and have a more relaxed ride. They arrived in Gibson at about 5:20. Everyone who planned to ride the entire course finished.

The switch to Sunday resulted in a few inconveniences. The Five Points General Store (a favorite rest stop) is closed on Sunday. Also, we missed the Carthage Buggie Festival, which was on Saturday. However, most riders would gladly miss these things in exchange for the cool temperatures and brisk tailwinds we had on Sunday.

Finishers (and the drivers who supported them) were rewarded with "NoSoX - NC" socks. The organizers provided a cooler full of Gatorade, Coke and other drinks, and had extra Clif Bars, fruit snacks, and pasta salad to share. That helped everyone speed along and arrive in Gibson in record times.


Daniel H.

Ian H.

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Getting Going

Riding Through Yanceyville

At the finish in Gibson