Daniel H. moved to Chapel Hill in 2018. A veteran of several 200-on-100 rides, (200on100.org) he dreamed of doing a similar ride across North Carolina. His training for the 2019 200-on-100 inspired several members of the Tarwheels Bike Club to set the 2020 ride as a goal. Their training plan included increasingly long rides, culminating in a ride across North Carolina from north to south on Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, COVID-19 caused the cancellation of the 2020 200-on-100. The ride across North Carolina became the ultimate goal of the training group. They completed the first NoSoX NC on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and decided to make it an annual event.

NoSoX NC is modeled on the 200-on-100 ride in Vermont. Go to its website for more information! It is not a formal, sponsored, highly organized event. It is simply a bunch of cyclists getting together for a long, challenging ride. Riders provide their own transportation to the start and home from the finish. They may ride with friends or join a group of strangers who are going at their pace. The goal of the ride is to get everyone to the finish at the South Carolina state line near Gibson before dark and for everyone to have an enjoyable experience.